Saturday, November 1, 2014

E-Neutral Services at UWWM

Just a moment of personal privilege-- I'm pleased to announce moving my dispute resolution practice to Upchurch Watson White & Max, a nationally leading mediation firm known for facilitating reasonable agreements to resolve complex civil litigation. As a UWWM neutral panelist in Florida in exclusive practice in Alternative Dispute Resolution, I'll continue to offer my wide-ranging experience in ESI disputes, including serving as an Arbitrator, E-Neutral and Special Master. Please see our E-Discovery Services-- In this role, I'll keep writing and speaking on implementing innovative methods of ADR, such as Early Neutral Evaluation of lawsuits. You can also get the latest trends on my more frequently updated and officially ABA listed "Blawg" at 
For more information on my new firm and scheduling:
(800) 863-1462