Friday, October 25, 2013

ESI Rules in effect for AAA Complex Commercial Disputes

New rules by the American Arbitration Association (AAA) effective this month in "Large, Complex Commercial Disputes" help manage discovery by achieving an efficient and economical resolution of the dispute, while safeguarding a fair opportunity to present claims and defenses. Discovery in the form of production of documents is contemplated, as long as those material documents on which parties intend to rely are not otherwise available, reasonably believed to exist, and relevant to the outcome. This now specifically includes electronically stored information or ESI in the form most convenient and economical to the producing party-- unless the arbitrator finds good cause exists to require otherwise. The arbitrator also is empowered to determine reasonable search parameters for ESI and will weigh the need for ESI against the cost of locating and producing it. Reference to the arbitrator's power to authorize propounding interrogatories is removed, but the arbitrator can still permit depositions. Arbitrators may impose sanctions where there is willful failure to comply with obligations under AAA rules or an order of the arbitrator. Such sanctions could even limit a party's participation in the arbitration, adversely affecting determination of the outcome. However, defaults are not permitted as sanctions. Arbitrators may also now hear and decide dispositive motions, if the arbitrator determines that the moving party has shown that the motion is likely to succeed and narrow the issues. These new rules should better equip Arbitrators to control modern discovery and the costs associated with the advent of electronic discovery.  See AAA rule changes here-- and a summary

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Join me this month 10/17-18 at Innovate conference!

Technology is outpacing the law. IT-Lex is a Florida not-for-profit organization dedicated to narrowing this gap with entertaining educational experiences. I'll be speaking with nationally known members of the judiciary such as Magistrate Judge John Facciola on clawbacks and cooperation in E-discovery at the first annual conference, Innovate. The Innovate conference will take place on October 17 & 18 in Winter Park, Florida at the brand new Alfond Inn at Rollins College and is designed as an interactive learning experience. Participants are encouraged to email specific questions or comments on our various topics to You can email us before or during the conference and presentations, and your participation is a key part of the conference experience. Come join us in introducing new methods and ideas to tackle emerging technology law issues with experts like Ken Withers of The Sedona Conference. See more information here-- or the full PDF here- or follow